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Energy technology

We devise and implement turnkey energy supply projects in transmission and distribution grids for industrial companies, buildings and infrastructure. Put your trust in our engery technology know-how.

Wide services portfolio

Switchgear and substations for generating and distributing electrical energy are required at different grid levels. We are a competent partner with our sound know-how in the field of primary and secondary technology: our energy technology team supports you with your building projects for new substations and secondary plants or conversions through to maintenance and dismantling. Optimally supporting your business operations, production and manufacturing processes we plan, deliver, install and maintain your all your technical facilities with full vendor neutrality.

Lighting systems

In the lighting system sector EQOS Energie offers, among other, reviewing and quotations by certified lighting engineers. Put your trust in our know-how from planning and execution to operation. Want to find out more? Give us a call!

Your advantages in energy technology with us

  • Experience of working with the most important suppliers
  • Independent of suppliers
  • Timely, secure project execution thanks to transnational capacity
  • Solution-oriented approach and flexible project planning
  • Reliable high-level quality to the smallest detail

Enhanced performance for your project

EQOS Energie is your premium partner for power generation and distribution.

Switchgear and substations 110-380 kV:

  • Design and primary/secondary system planning
  • Execution of necessary permission procedures
  • Structural engineering, foundations for equipment platforms, transformers and gantries
  • Delivery and installation of steel structures and primary equipment
  • Delivery and installation of gas- and air-insulated high voltage switchgears
  • Delivery and installation of secondary systems
  • Setting up of earth termination systems
  • Customisation, inspection and commissioning
  • Maintenance and repair


Power systems for power stations, distribution and industrial grids 0.4-36 kV:

  • Design and primary/secondary system planning
  • Execution of necessary permission procedures
  • Delivery and installation of gas- and air-insulated high voltage switchgear
  • Delivery and installation of low voltage switchgears in turnkey factory type-tested design (main distribution and MCCs)
  • Delivery and installation of secondary systems (safety and control systems)
  • Planning, delivery and installation of turnkey switchgear and substations up to 36 kV
  • Grid calculations and cable dimensioning
  • Cable delivery, installation and connection up to 36 kV in all connection technologies
  • Customisation, inspection and commissioning
  • System inspection, maintenance, service and repair

For smooth operations

With EQOS Energie the planning, delivery and repair of your technical facilities is in the best of hands.

Industry, building, infrastructure and hospitals:

      Transformer stations (sheet steel, concrete, in-house)

    • Gas- and air-insulated high voltage switchgears
    • Low voltage switchgears in turnkey factory type-tested design (main distribution, MCCs, sub-distribution, control cabinets)
    • Compensation plants (static, dynamic, grid support systems)


  • Grid calculation, cable dimensioning, selectivity inspection
  • High and low voltage power installations, up to 36 kV in all connection technologies
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting and safety lighting systems
  • Airport runway, taxiway, parking, obstruction lighting
  • Telecommunications, IT network technology, safety technology, alarm, light call, fire alarm, smoke aspiration, access control, time and attendance data, video surveillance, gate, car park management, PA, electro-acoustic evacuation systems, security technology, control stations
  • Electric, measurement and control technology, building automation, EIB and bus systems, visualisation and control engineering
  • Special systems for medical areas and meeting places, e-charging stations
  • Basic planning, engineering, delivery, installation, customisation, programming, commissioning, maintenance, service and repair, system inspection, inspection logs


Smart grids

Convert smart grids with a partner who knows both the energy and telecommunications sectors better than anybody!

Given our expertise in carrying out large roll-out projects in all project phases, we are the ideal partner for conversion to smart metering, which enables the creation of so-called “smart grids”.

It is essential for the comprehensive use of smart meters to build the network for the additional transfer of data and thereby facilitate smooth transfers. Efficient generation and storing of electricity in the system also play a crucial role.

Our experts in energy and communications technology work hand in hand and combine their decades of experience in both sectors. You can rely on EQOS Energie’s in-depth experience for the energy technology sector and the construction of mobile and fixed network locations for your smart metering projects!