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Even in times of crisis, EOQS Energie is there for their customers and provides them with the highest quality for all their concerns.

Information for our customers during the Coronavirus crisis

As a safety-relevant infrastructure service provider for power and telecommunications networks and railway traffic, our services are indispensable for society, especially in crisis and emergency situations. EQOS Energie takes the risks associated with the novel COVID-19 (Coronavirus) very seriously. Both safety and health of our employees, our business partners and all of our fellow citizens take top priority.

While our daily lives and our economy become increasingly restricted, we as a company do our utmost to manage this crisis and our business. Therefore, we have been taking preventative measures since the start of February in order to protect our employees from becoming infected with the Coronavirus and to maintain our business operations. Our company has set up a Coronavirus crisis team early on who are concerned with managing and coordinating the associated changes. Via our employee app, we are continuously providing our staff with current information. Our colleagues in the operating units monitor the operative business under the special circumstances and handle it with the usual high quality. In doing so, they currently compile the teams in such a manner that they are still ready to be deployed and work for our customer. Furthermore, the usual contacts are still available to our customers. In principle, our operations are to be maintained in an adjusted format while we are complying with all legal and regulatory requirements. This information is subject to change based on additional adjustments by the governments in those countries where we are active. If such changes are made, we will inform you immediately.

At this point, we would like to say a huge thank-you to all of our colleagues who are fully committed to performing their work for EQOS Energie locally at the construction sites under the most difficult conditions.

We hope you stay healthy and get through this difficult situation as well as possible.