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Power rail installation in the Arlberg tunnel

In April 2010 EQOS Energie began installation work on the overhead power rail for the Arlberg railway tunnel opened in 1884.
Additional safety precautions were implemented on the machinery prior to construction due to the narrow track centres of 3.50 m and rail traffic on the adjacent track.

A space-saving overhead power rail was mounted in order to minimise the space required by the overhead line in the 10.4 km Arlberg tunnel (linking Tyrol and Vorarlberg). This involved the drilling of a large amount of holes for the power rail support points, adapted to the situation in the tunnel.

Thanks to a drilling system specially developed by ALPINE-ENERGIE for tasks of this nature, work could still be performed cost-effectively while observing high safety standards.
The tension-free running of the catenary wire and low number of individual components make the power rail in the Arlberg tunnel a reliable solution.

Overview of services:

  • Drilling and erection of the power rail pillars (2000 pillars with 3-hole base plate, 130 pillars with 4-hole base plate)
  • Assembly of the power rail elements on the pillars in the 10.4 km tunnel on two tracks
  • Running of the grooved catenary wire and tension adjustment at the tunnel portals (21.25km catenary wire length)
  • Production of the tunnel safety switches to deactivate the overhead line in front of the tunnel portals

Fact box

Execution period:
April 2010 to November 2010

Erection site:
Vorarlberg and Tyrol, Austria

On-track speed:
100 km/h